Homework Programme Revived


The Bambelela Homework Programme which was started some four years ago to offer remedial lessons to students in the First District recommenced on 24 September and First District Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that the return is significant for the students in his District.

The programme is now being housed at the SDA Youth Center in Carrot Bay, Tortola until the Abraham Leonard Community Center is repaired from the damages caused by hurricane Irma more than a year ago.

The programme is expected to run from 5pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday and in commenting on the reopening Hon. Fahie said: “Irma interrupted the programme but couldn’t stop it. The programme has being going strong since 2014. Together we will always achieve more.”

The reopening of the programme was mentioned by Hon. Fahie during the 14 August sitting of the House of Assembly sitting: “We are in the process of working on the reopening of the Bambelela Homework Programme. My heart was warm when I saw some whatsapp that came in to me from some students who were in the Bambelela First District Homework study Programme and I am proud to report that students who were failing once they came to that programme consistently every day from Monday to Thursday and their grades went up beyond imagination.”

The Bambelela—Never Give Up First District Home Work Programme was launched on in January 2014 at the Abraham Leonard Community Center.