Hit & Run Driver Was Never Apprehended: Walwyn Brewley Says


Former legislator Mr. E. Walwyn Brewley who was the victim of a hit and run accident some time back announced that no attempt has been made to apprehend the driver who fled the scene, escaped police and is known to be driving illegal (gypsy) taxi in the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands.

While speaking on a ZBVI radio broadcast on December 3, Mr. Brewley explained that the man fled the scene and later when police approached him about the incident, he told officers that he was going to put his shoes on, but fled instead: “A fellow run me down nearly kill me and they never apprehended him and the thing about it this was a hit and run accident, he didn’t stay; he turned off.”

“When they went to apprehend him, and I am getting this from officers who went to apprehend him, or who are in the know. They went to his house, they told him they came to arrest him for the offence he told them ok give me a break I going put on me shoes and that’s the last the officers ever seen of him. Now if that aint incompetence to the max tell me what is,” Mr. Brewley said.

The former legislator explained that it was known that the man who escaped the police here in the BVI was driving taxi in the USVI: “Every police officer knows that that man was in St Thomas for months just driving around. In fact, he used to drive gypsy cab down there from what I gather.”

“A lot of people who know him saw him down there they made report. His so called girlfriend here used to go down every weekend if they wanted to know where the man was tell police officers in St Thomas this young lady coming down describe her what she is wearing at the time and she would have led them straight to this man,” Mr. Brewley said.

He also pointed out that the man was wanted here in the Territory for other charges: “Nothing has ever happened I don’t know if he is in St Thomas up to now but I know he was down there for months; and the problem with that man, that man was on bail for molesting an underage child…so he supposed to be up on two charges,” he added.