Hima Health Services Brings Top Specialists To The Bvi


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton announced that the agreement entered into with HIMA Health and Baptist Health of South Florida were wise ones. He further announced that the collaborations are now bearing fruit as nationals of other countries are travelling to the BVI for medical service.

While speaking at the opening of the new Peebles Hospital, Minister Skelton said: “One of the proudest moments of my current tenure as Minister for Health was cementing our affiliation with HIMA Health of Puerto Rico. Through this partnership, specialty services are provided by HIMA Doctors right here on island every week.  I am told that these clinics are heavily subscribed and are in the process of expanding.”

Hon. Skelton explained that the specialty clinics accommodate persons who no longer have to travel overseas for specialist consultations and follow-up visits. “The residents taking advantage of this arrangement express great satisfaction with the service they receive. They are saving time and money and they are enjoying easier access to family support during the recovery process,” he said.

The Minister explained that strategic partnerships with overseas providers such as HIMA Health and Baptist Health of South Florida, not only allow the Health Service Authority to bring more specialists to the Territory, but also secures preferred access to accredited facilities when overseas referrals or transfers become necessary.

“We have already been attracting quite a number of patients from Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, and other Caribbean islands who now have access to HIMA specialists without the extra inconvenience and expense of acquiring a US visa; and this is happening even before we’ve had the chance to embark on a targeted medical tourism marketing campaign,” Hon. Skelton stated.