Strict electronic security checks and dress code policies are being enforced this school year by the administration of the Elmore Stoutt High School now that the shift system has come to an end and the students are settled and attending school from two campuses.

In announcing the enforcement of the new electronic checks and dress code policy Principal Vanessa Garraway in an interview with The Island Sun newspaper announced that these are initiatives aimed at maintaining school culture.

In relations to the electronics policy she explained that there is no need for the students to bring certain electronics to school. “Just after the hurricanes we allowed the students to bring their own phones and technology when we were short on resources. Since then we have gotten most of our technology back in place and the phones were becoming a disturbance as opposed to what we originally sought to have them bring them for,” the Principal explained.

In noting that the school administration felt it was necessary to have a ban on the electronics the Principal said: “We have decided that at this point in time as we are getting back into full day school, we are going to import a ban on these electronics for the time being right now. We will look at it later in the year when we have settled back into our normal routines, but for now we thought it best to leave the phones at home so the only technology that they are allowed to walk with is their digital textbook in junior school and the chromebook in senior school.”

As it relates to the uniform policy the school is clamping down on brightly colored hair, artistic eyebrows, and skirts that are above the knee. Students are required to undergo inspection to ensure that their uniform meets the school code.

In explaining the push for dress code adherence the Principal said: “We are enforcing our uniform policy because we think our uniform is a good uniform and it teaches our children discipline and it allows them to understand the importance of obeying rules. Of course we are not inhumane, if we have a reasonable request we are going to be obligated to make sure that we are understanding and work we with the parents.”