Heat Wave Precaution: Drink Water


Persons throughout the Territory are complaining about the extreme heat, which experts say is being caused by the El Nino phenomenon that currently has the Territory on drought watch.

The extremely hot days concern local health experts, and as a result prompted an advisory for the prevention of dehydration in children, persons working outdoors and the elderly.

The recent El Nino situation spiked global heat records and the effects are being felt here in the Territory. As the heat persists, health experts in the Territory are asking members of the community to ensure that persons working outdoor, children and seniors are kept hydrated during this weather. That means: drink water regularly!

The Department of Disaster Management in consultation with Health Disaster Coordinator, Dr. Ronald Georges issued a reminder stating: “With school back in full session parents with young children and persons caring for the elderly (ought) to ensure that they (children and elderly) are protected from the direct heat and that they are always hydrated.”

Dr. Georges said, “The main concerns we have in the health sector at this time are dehydration, increase in respiratory conditions and heat stroke especially among children and persons working outdoors.  Although many cases have been reported it is important that persons practice preventative measures. School administrators should ensure that children, especially those playing outdoors are given water breaks to refresh themselves.”