Healthy Eating Is More Expensive: Diabetes Assoc. President Says


“I do agree, it is a fact that what we call healthy eating is somewhat more expensive,” President of the Diabetes Association, Mr. Elton Georges announced during a recent press conference to announce plans for Diabetes Awareness Day.

It is known that unhealthy eating can trigger non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and more but the argument remains that it cost too much to eat healthy. The question of why healthy foods cost more than foods deemed unhealthy was never addressed in a formal setting.

Nonetheless, the media asked the Diabetes Association President about the situation and he agreed that there is a price difference. In fact Mr. Georges explained that the International Diabetes Association suggested that it may cost at least an extra $1.50 per meal to eat healthy than to eat less healthy.
He said that the price differs because the imported food is grown in mass, imported in mass, and packaged in mass. On the other hand, he said the local organic food cost more because it is produced in small scale.

“That is because what we call organic food…we encourage people to buy local food, local vegetables because they have not been exposed to many pesticides and so on … because of the economies of scale … to buy local foods is more expensive than the imported one,” Mr. Georges explained.
When asked if the Diabetes Association will consider lobbying for affordable healthy foods, the Association President did not take up the challenge to determine how healthy foods can be less expensive. However, he said that determining this is something that the Association will note to see if they can find out what is being done about it in other places that could be done here.