Health Services Need Bvi Nurses


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton is once again lamenting the fact that the Territory needs BV Islander nurses, but stressed that the situation remains as it is because the students are not being groomed from high school level.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on 20 April Hon. Skelton opined that situation of limited local nurses stems from the high school preparation process – where the science subjects that are the fundamentals are not being promoted: “We need nurses! Somebody is going to tell our people that they can be nurses in this modern era by doing Home Economics in school; but it doesn’t work. And we have had nurses go into the school to tell them differently it gotta be Biology, Chemistry – you got to be in the Sciences now in order to be a nurse,” the Health Minister announced.

Since taking office Hon. Skelton has continuously complained that the BVI Health Services Authority is having a difficult time securing qualified local medical professionals. Back in 2015 Hon. Skelton made a plea during the NDP radio program on 19 January for Virgin Islanders who are away to return to the Territory and give their service at Peebles Hospital.