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Haiti rolls past BVI 21-0 in Concacaf Women’s Football play

BVI’s Zolita Bramford challenges Haiti’s Kethna Louis for the ball, during Haiti’s 21-0 victory in the first CONCACAF Women’s match played at home 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Haiti on Saturday showed why they’re No. 61st in the FIFA rankings, 7th regionally, and how far the British Virgin Islands has to climb to be competitive. Led by forwards Roselord Borgella and Bactheba Louis, they attacked early, often and until the final whistle, during the historic first CONCACAF Women’s FIFA World Cup qualifying match ever played in the territory, with a procession of goals. The duo led five players with at least a hat trick in Saturday’s 21-0, Group E rout at the A. O. Shirley Grounds.  

“It was a very fast game and our team isn’t as fit as others and we need to work on technique, simple things like passes, touches, controlling the ball so we were really defeated,” Goalkeeper Britney Peters said. “To be honest, we need to work on understanding our positions more in order to play better and understand each player.”

Leading the charge was Borgella, who opened the scoring in the third minute of play, snatching a first half quartet of goals with her last coming in the 45th.  Her strikes were a qualifying series leading nine goals, in helping Haiti race to an 11-0 halftime advantage, as three players had had first half tricks by the whistle. She also scored in the 21st and 22nd.

“I  really found that they scored way too early, like three minutes into the game,” Goalkeeper Britney Peters would later say.

In route to joining Borgella with a quartet of goals in the afternoon that saw a rain squall during the action, Louis scored in the 39th, 42nd, 57th and  in the 88th minute, to complete her duties.

Melchie Dumornay—recently named Best Youth Player in the World—got a first half hat trick, with leggers in the 7th, 10th and 31st minutes.

After being down 11-0 at the half, Peters said she told her teammates to mark a man and not leave them open too much, but follow them since they’re repeating the same plays and beating them. She asked them to look up and see what their opponents were making, before they made one. BVI however, spent much of their time in their space, as Haiti continued its relentless attack.

Roseline Eloisssaint came into the second half to start her hat trick in the 62nd minute, with other goals in the 73rd and 79th. Mikerline Saint-Felix, who was also inserted into the lineup in the second half, launched a late game attack, with scores in the 83rd, 87th and 89th for her hat trick. Haiti, who controlled the game for 78% of the time and played in the BVI square, fired 62 shots to their hosts 0.   

Peters rated her goal keeping duties as being ‘okay.’ “I felt defeated at one point in the game and just wanted to give up, but I had to hold my head high and finish strong,” she said. “It didn’t change much for me. I just had to continue doing what I do best and save some of the goals. I couldn’t save all.  You can’t win all the time and I’ve played Haiti before and I know what it’s like, so it’s just for the team to learn.”

Coach Wayne Phillip said the game was played fast and noted that Haiti is high in the FIFA rankings and they have professional players. “They taught us a lot of things—we have to be fit and strong,” he said. “In the first half, they were really playing the ball around our defense and getting through. In the second half, I wanted to keep the defense tight and make sure they drift together, but it seems like they were spreading the ball and attacking, which is something if you don’t properly plan for, you can end up in trouble. We had a wonderful game from Britney and some of the defense was really playing the ball. They did a lot of work. I trust going forward, we’ll be a lot better.”

Phillip said they’ve learned from the loss and will take some things and incorporate it into their program. He said before they touch a ball again, they will have a six weeks fitness training program. Both Phillip and Peters said they see a need for friendly competitions against the USVI, Anguilla, St. Kitts-Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda, to prepare for competition.

“We would want that, but certain things are not in my control,” he said. “I hope that in the future we get these games because we need international friendlies. It would help the girls experience, build them and they’ll learn different styles of play, gain experience and learn to play better.”