Guest Speaker Focuses On Meaning Of “Excellence”


“If your children have silver and gold and don’t have excellent character what difference does it make,” President of William Seymour College in Washington, DC, Dr. Estrelda Alexander asked parents at the St George’s Primary School “Christian Excellence Awards Ceremony” held at The Moorings Mariner Inn on 22 April.

Dr. Alexander was the guest speaker of the event and advised parents that they need to define the word ‘excellence’ when they encourage their children to strive for it, because the term’s meaning varies from person to person.

The guest speaker told the gathering: “We have to ask ourselves when we say excellence, what do we mean; because for a lot of us in the prosperity Gospel age think excellence equals economic success…But when we talk about excellence we have to ask ourselves what are we talking about. When I want my child to be excellent what do I want…If your children have silver and gold and don’t have excellent character what difference does it make. If they can’t be trusted, if they can’t keep their word, if they can’t be people who are productive what difference does it make?”

Dr. Alexander reminded parents that motivation is also necessary in the drive for excellence, and admonished them to impress on their child the need to become contributing members of society: “We need children who are excellent in character. We need children who are excellent in skills, not only can they make money, but they have something that they can contribute to the culture, to the society. They can do something well. We need children who are excellent in vocation, who have a calling and know what their calling is; not heehawing and spending 40 years trying to find themselves. We need children who understand that they have a commitment to give to our community. Who understand that the blood, sweat and tears that was shed on their behalf demands a return deposit, that they are not just taking out from the bank but they are putting something back in.”

“We need children to have authority on their lives, we need excellence in motivation, we need to do the right thing for the reason, we need to have the drive to get the job done…We have to produce children who are motivated, who are in there for the long haul, who understand what it takes to achieve things,” the College President added.