Guest Speaker Criticizes Husbands’ “New” Roles At Emancipation Service


“Young ladies, when men come around and they don’t have a job, and they don’t have an education, and they say they love you, tell them – later, not now,” Reverend Dr. Bentley Thomas, guest speaker at the 2014 Emancipation Service that was held at the Sunday Morning Well on 3 August announced.

The Guest Speaker commented that society has changed since emancipation and that the family roles have shifted. Dr. Thomas explained that men who were traditionally known for their provider and protector roles have in some cases passed those roles onto their wives who, in some families, are the providers while the male spouse tends the home:

“Our men refuse to take their rightful places of leadership at home and in society. Somebody got to lead, and that’s why the world is becoming so female-dominant leadership, because the men are lazy and won’t work,” he announced.

The Reverend described the situation as a sad one and stated that even the community and society in general accepts the reverse role as normal: “We have beautified (role reversal); we call some of these men house husbands,” the preacher stated.

In illustrating how the accepted stay at home husbands have become the norm, the guest speaker said: “I don’t understand for the life of me, how our young girls, bright, talented, college educated (can) come home to mama and introduce a man who does not have a job. We are talking about black history! Listen!”

He added that even the Bible shows that men are supposed to work and take care of their families: “When God made Adam, he didn’t give him a woman; he gave him a job. He gave him a job first; then he gave him a woman.”