Graduates told Beware Bumpy Ride Ahead


BREGADO-FLAX-VIRGIN-GORDA-2014-GRADUATESAt the Bregado Flax Education Centre (BFEC) on Thursday, 3 July, Opposition Leader, and Ninth District Representative, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal addressed the 31 graduates and gave them some thought provoking advice about the world they were stepping into as they commence a most decisive chapter of their life: “It’s not a bright happy world. It is dark; it’s dismal…it’s wicked, but you have got to choose the better path. You listen to the television you hear about wars broken out here and there and everywhere; you are hearing that people are leaving their country, they are running away from it,” the District Representative told the youths.

BVI Leader and Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith told the graduates that they should not think that they are too young to impact the society and the world. “You belong to a generation whose tech-savviness has forever changed the way the world socialises, shares information and conducts business. I encourage you to learn about the young men who started the social networks that we know today such as Google, Tumblr and Instagram. These young men started small. Follow your passions,” Premier Smith announced.

Hon. Smith told the Class of 2014 that the road will not always be easy, and that sometimes they will stumble. However, he admonished them to learn how to get up, dust off, keep going, make their respective marks, and help build a better Virgin Islands.

“I urge you to find positive people to look up to. Learn from them, surround yourself with persons who will cheer you on along your journey, challenge you and inspire you. Find ways to get involved in your community; aim to be someone that future generations can also look up to,” Dr. Smith admonished the graduates.

Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn told the graduates that they have a responsibility to see that the Virgin Islands discovers new economic opportunities: “You have a right to ensure that you engage our leaders and help us to make the right decisions for our collective society and not just for one group of people, supporters or district. You have a right to ensure that as you advance your life, this community is advancing right along side you. So graduands, our entire community is looking forward to your success,” the Minister told the Class of 2014.

The guest speaker at this year’s Bregado Flax Secondary division graduation was Ms. Debra Hodge, Director of Student Life and Special Events at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC). The Bregado Flax 2014 Valedictorian is Jolyn Jno-Baptiste, and the 2014 Salutatorian is Allydah George.