Governor To Table Report On Activities Of His Office


His Excellency Governor John Duncan is poised to make history as the first Governor to lay a report on the works of his Office on the table of the House of Assembly.

On 22 September the Governor will be at the House of Assembly to deliver the customary Speech from the Throne and it is anticipated that at some point during the proceedings the report on his two years in office will be tabled.

The report was mentioned to members of the media by Governor Duncan during a press conference that was held at his residence last month, August 19.

At that time His Excellency said: “In terms of transparency and open government, my office has taken the initiative this year to produce an annual report on all the activities carried out by my team. This will be presented to the Assembly at its next session along with all other annual reports from the public sector.”

“This is the first time that a report on the Governor’s office has ever been produced,” he added.

Governor Duncan took the oaths of office on 15 August 2014 at a Swearing-in and Welcome Ceremony that was held at the House of Assembly. He succeeded former Governor Boyd McCleary.