Governor Plants Tree In Bermuda


His Excellency Governor John Duncan joined the other four Governors of the UK Overseas Territories (Caribbean) for a meeting in Bermuda, and while there he planted a tree for the BVI.

The Governors were hosted by Bermuda’s Governor, H.E. George Fergusson. In explaining the purpose of the meeting Governor Fergusson said: “We meet three to four times a year to discuss a range of matters that we all face and to compare notes. Usually these meetings are in Miami or London, but we try to meet once a year in one of the Territories. I am really delighted to welcome my colleagues here.”

The meeting which was held at the Bermuda Government House in Hamilton on 4 March was described as a regular one for the Queen’s Caribbean Representatives.

In commemoration of their visit to Bermuda His Excellency Governor Duncan, the other Governors, and the Director of Overseas Territories in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office were each invited to plant a fruit tree in the Bermuda Government House orchard.