Governor Orders Deportation Of Geronimo


In an Order dated 26 October, His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert ordered the deportation of Leonel Caldernon Geronimo, a man who was convicted of various immigration offences.

It was stated that Caldernon Geronimo got entangled with the law when he landed in the Territory contrary to the provisions of the Immigration and Passport Ordinance (CAP. 130). As a result of his actions he was convicted of the offence of Illegal Entry which is punishable with imprisonment of three months or more.

In addition to the illegal entry Caldernon Geronimo was convicted for the crime of Uttering a Forged Document also punishable with imprisonment of three months or more.

It was explained that deportation was necessary as the Immigration and Passport Ordinance (Cap. 130) stipulates that if at any time after a person, other than a person deemed to belong to the Territory, has landed in the Territory it shall come to the knowledge of the Governor that the person has landed or remained in the Territory contrary to any provisions of this Ordinance.

Additionally, deportation may be ordered for someone who has been convicted of an offence against the said Ordinance, or of any other offence within the Territory punishable with imprisonment for three months or more, or is a person whose presence in the Territory would in the opinion of the Governor, acting in consultation with the Chief Immigration Officer, be undesirable and not conducive to public good.

In such cases the Governor may make an Order requiring the person to leave the Territory within the time fixed by the Order and thereafter to remain out of the Territory.