Governor Gives Lecture On His Years In Africa


His Excellency Governor John Duncan shared stories of his youth and life growing up in Africa last week during a special lecture to the students of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.

The lecture titled ‘My Africa’ was delivered on 7 April and gave an in-depth perspective on the Governor’s life. In fact the Governor’s Office in announcing the event described the discourse as “a personal reflection on what it meant to him (Governor) to grow up in Africa.”

The lecture also mentioned the historic changes Governor Duncan had lived through from the colonial period to the modern era and the important role BVI played in helping African entrepreneurs be part of the global economy.

Governor Duncan who grew up in Kenya, first mentioned his ties to Africa during his oath taking speech on 15 August 2014. On that occasion the Governor said: “I grew up under the big skies, wide open landscape, and warm sun of Africa.”

“My childhood friends were African people and I was proud, but also humbled when my African colleagues at the United Nations referred to me as their brother, but Africa was a long time ago for all of us. But it is right to remember our heritage.”