Governor Duncan Pleased with the Level of Interaction Between Usvi & Bvi


While speaking at the 2014 Friendship Day activities His Excellency, Governor John Duncan pointed out that although the islands are small they are confronted with large matters.

He said: “This is one big community, but we are also small island communities; and we have to face up to the fact that the challenges economical, political, socially which we all have to deal with in this beginning of the 21st century…are particularly acute because we are small.”

The Queen’s Representative pointed out that he is appreciative of the fact that the BVI and USVI have a close relationship that is essential in dealing with challenges faced by small islands.

His Excellency explained that small islands communities like the Virgin Islands are not privileged to have economies of scales like that of larger countries, but are still burdened by the same issues that affect larger nations. “We have all the challenges – political and social – of large countries, but we don’t have the means to tackle them,” he stated.

Governor Duncan further disclosed that upon his appointment as BVI Governor he was happy to note the level of interactions the two Virgin Islands share, and he said that he is happy to know that he can speak with the USVI Governor.

“As we go forward I am very pleased on assuming my governorship here to be seeing that there is such a close relationship between the two communities. That there is a mechanism for me to talk to my counterpart in the USVI and for the Premier, and other politicians to be working together looking at those problems, looking at those challenges, so that we can learn from each other; so that we can achieve the best outcome for our communities as we move forward in coming years,” the Governor said.