Governor Bestows Kudos on Public Servants


On Thursday 6 September the Territory celebrated the first anniversary od the most hated visit of hurricane Irma. His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert announced that although months have passed and things have improved the working conditions of some public servants have not.

The Governor, under whose purview the public service falls, said that he was pleased with the manner in which some public servants placed the needs of the Territory above their own following the storms.

In what he described as incredible service and dedication, the Governor while speaking at the Irma anniversary service said that the public servants rose to the recovery challenge.

“I want to thank public officers, as you dealt with your own lives you also had to deal with rebuilding the Territory and I have seen incredible service and dedication,” Governor Jaspert said.

He emphasised that public servants worked endless shifts, slept on office floors, left their ruined homes to help people that needed help after the storms, and did all they could to get the British Virgin Islands back on its feet.

 “I recognize their challenges, I recognize that many public servants and others are still working in temporary dwellings, or those that have still not been fully repaired and are suffering difficult working conditions as you do your jobs. It’s a priority that these are addressed,” His Excellency said.

Governor Jaspert added, “Despite these challenges and for public servants what they had to deal with personally, and personally sacrifice, they were able to restore key infrastructures and public services and continue to serve the public in all the ways that they do is admirable. Thank you to all public servants for your service.”