Government Suppliers charging High Prices


At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian complained that persons often overcharge Government for goods and services whenever they see an opportunity to do so.

During his contribution to the budget debate on 15 December, Hon. Christian complained that the matter is one that often bothers him. “We’re always asking the question, why does something have to be so expensive. Why does something cost two and three times the money that it costs especially for some of us who are in the private sector and know what things normally cost and the value of those things,” Hon. Christian told the House.

The Legislator took the opportunity to plead with persons and businesses trading with Government to stop the practice: “Madame Speaker one of things I would like to do today, is to appeal to persons in the community. Whether it is an individual or a business, when you consider doing business with Government you shouldn’t look at trying to make as much money as possible because it is Government.”

“I have heard people say—‘It’s the government, they could afford to pay for it and I think that is a bad philosophy and I think that it is a practice that I would like to encourage us to resist doing. What we should be doing is ensuring that we deliver the best product at the most affordable price to Government,” Hon. Christian stated.

The At Large Representative told his colleagues: “I think going forward we are going to have no choice, but to continue to ensure that whenever people provide services that we get value for money. Trying to make 30 or 40 percent profit on something, because it is Government is in my opinion ridiculous. I agree that the Government has to be prudent and find ways in ensuring that we get value for money. We have to ensure that we are not wasting tax payers money.”