Government Members criticize Hon. Fraser


Leadership matters! That was the declaration of Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines, and one of the echoed mentions during the debate of the Auditor General’s Report of the Sea Cows Bay Harbour Development Project that was held in the House of Assembly on 11 September.

Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines in her brief remarks announced “leadership matters,” and her point was expanded on by other members of Government who stressed on the point that Hon. Fraser was aspiring to become the Premier.

At Large Representative, Hon. Archibald Christian who seconded the motion and opened the debate outlined some of the points that were made in the Auditor General’s report, and announced that the matter should be a lesson for all legislators. That point was also made by Eighth District Representative, Hon. Marlon Penn in his debate contribution.

Hon. Christian who was also the first to make the point about leadership stated: “This Honourable Member is aspiring to become the next Premier of this Territory; he is the current Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party and, from all accounts, he … is aspiring to be the next head of our country,” Hon. Christian said.

As he continued his debate on the Auditor General report, Hon. Christian added: “Madam Speaker, this document I submit to you is one that the public needs to look at and examine carefully and determine if any of us who are elected officials make this sort of mistakes; if we really should be eligible to become the leader of our country.”

Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron was thorough in his explanation of the leadership points as it related to the debate and said that the matter should be compared to an employee who is seeking a promotion with an unflattering track record. He recalled a comment that was made by Hon. Fraser at a recent public meeting in August, where Hon. Fraser asked people not to judge him on his past. Hon. Walwyn declared: “You have another reality that we must face as a people; that the person responsible (for the Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour Development project) wants to be the Premier and the Minister of Finance. It’s a serious matter.”

Hon. Walwyn went on to mention previous projects that were done under Hon. Fraser’s tenure as a Minister. One of the projects he mentioned was BiWater, and he stated that the issues about Biwater and now the Auditor General’s report raises concerns about Hon. Fraser’s possible leadership: “And now you have this audit report on top of it; and, we must hand our country to you. Madam Speaker, I have a major problem with that,” Hon. Walwyn went on to say.

Going further into his illustration, Hon. Walwyn announced: “Some might say they have changed, but that change cannot help us now… I am concerned and I am not speaking from a political prospective, I am speaking as a citizen of this country…The person responsible wants to be the Premier and Minister for Finance; it’s a serious matter.”

Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton also mentioned concerns about Hon. Fraser’s possible leadership and said: “The member for the Third was a Minister twice and now he wants to be the leader of the country, the top seat in the House where you have to be even more responsible. But he said that I must forgive him for all his past sins, but he needs to go to God and try with that because only God could forgive sins, I can’t. I will try to forget them.”