Government Should Intervene To Mitigate Insolvency Blues: Opposition Member Says


“The economy has turned on them,” Opposition Member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie said as he told the House of Assembly that some Virgin Islanders are in dire need of financial assistance.

Hon. Fahie, who in the process called on Premier Smith to negotiate with banks to save the homes and properties of Virgin Islanders, said: “We have people in the country that the economy has turned on them right now, that are in financial situations that they have never been in their lives and they are on the verge of sometimes choosing between what bill to pay and the mortgage that is falling behind.”

“A lot of those in business now – if truth be told – you speak to them, they’ll tell you that they are barely holding on.”

“We have people that are behind, we have people who have lost their jobs and they are trying not to lose their property, while we have a lot losing,” Hon. Fahie said as he pleaded with Government to intercede with the banks.

The Opposition Member also told the House of Assembly on 4 February that money is not circulating in the economy: “We have to take a serious look at the economy, because the money is not flowing. When money is not flowing, crime increases in any country. There is a direct relation – nothing I Andrew saying  – you just research it and you will see.”