Government Concentrates On Differently-Abled Students


Premier Dr. The Hon. D. Orlando Smith lauded the strides that have been taken to create full inclusion for the differently-abled residents.
While speaking at the opening ceremony for the 40th Annual Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and the Atlantic Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) on 27 July, Hon. Smith announced that Government is not only striving to provide proper education, but also opportunities to enter the world of work.
The Premier told the gathering: “We are strengthening our educational system to concentrate on providing a greater wealth of services so that our differently-abled students can become more integrated into our society and find work.”
As it relates to employment opportunities the BVI Leader disclosed that a Territorial approach has been taken and that the private sector is working with Government in the area of training for differently-abled residents.
“I am also pleased that our private sector understands this and has partnered to provide work experiences for the differently-abled population to contribute to the growth of the economy,” Dr. Smith mentioned.
In 2013, the Ministry created a budgetary head for Special Needs Programme, followed lated by an initiative of the Ministry of Education to offer two scholarships per year to assist students with special needs to seek secondary education outside the Territory.