Gospel Fest Organizers Appeal For Greater Participation


Chair of the Emancipation Celebration Committee, and one of the organizers of the annual Gospel Fest, Dr.  Melvin Turnbull is asking the local churches to close their doors on the evening of 27 July and participate in the Gospel Fest.

Speaking on the 1 July edition of the JTV Spotlight program, Dr. Turnbull announced that the event will begin at 7:00pm on that Sunday evening at the Festival Ground and will feature William McDowell, Judith Gayle and Felsy Jones.

Dr. Turnbull said that the Gospel Fest Committee has made an appeal for the churches to be part of the event. He said: “I suggest that all of the churches close their doors for one night, that Sunday night and let us worship. It is not like you are abandoning worship, it’s just that you are changing the location that’s all.”

He also explained that this is an opportunity for the religious community to be united in its stance: “Let’s come out and have a great time. I really want us to do that because if we don’t take a stand, if we don’t show that we appreciate what God has done and the opportunity is given to us to Minister, I am afraid that we might lose it. That is why a lot of things keep sliding away, because we have been sleeping and he (God) wants us to wake.”