The sweet story of BVI cake boss Chef/Baker Gorvey Henry appealed to LIME BVI, and resulted in the culinary artiste’s selection as the Lime Local and Talented personality for the month of March.

The announcement was made at a press event that was held on March 5 at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall. The event was well attended not only by family and friends of Henry, but many known cake makers as well who wanted to endorse this young chef’s abilities.

Gorvey is regarded as the local pastry chef extraordinaire; however, despite the praises and accolades poured from the podium on Wednesday, nothing boasted that Henry deserved the recognition that LIME bestowed on him as convincingly as the three cakes that stood on proud display did.

Head of Business Sales at LIME (BVI), Mr. Ken Guiste announced that Gorvey is not just a baker, but rather an artist who uses fondant sugar to create culinary masterpieces. Mr. Guiste said that LIME BVI is happy to have Gorvey as this month’s Local and Talented, and noted that the BVI Welcome Magazine labelled the Chef as the ‘BVI’s Cake Boss.’
“He has introduced a different level of respect for cake making in the BVI,” Mr. Guiste stated and further pointed out that a Gorvey cake requires a two-week notice to allow the chef/baker to create a concept and sketch and then deliver a one of a kind cake design.

LIME BVI’s Head of Marketing, Kareem Hull reminded that the winners of LIME for Local and Talented represent disciplines such as modelling, photography, cake designing, fashion designing, artistry, choreography, athletics and other forms of creativity.

In his address to the media, Henry told reporters: “This is different for me, because I am accustomed to being in the background.” He thanked LIME for selecting him, and said that he is glad that his work is being appreciated while he is alive because many only get praises after death.

Henry shared that he did not want to be a cake artist in the beginning, but pointed out that: “Life has a way of throwing things at you and placing you just where you need to be.”

The pastry chef recalled that the entry into the cake arena began with the request from a friend to do her wedding cake. Gorvey stated that he took the challenge and made upwards of 100 roses while he was away studying culinary arts. He said that he shipped the roses to the GORVEY-HENRY-BVIBVI and came down to do the task. The baker explained that the project included 36 of the longest hours of his life, but he said that he was thankful that friends assisted him.
Since then, Gorvey disclosed that he has developed better time management skills and pointed that he can now produce three cakes in a week. He also recalled that his grandmother always knew he was going to be chef and joked about what she would say at this moment. He also spoke passionately about how supportive his mother Ms. Juliette Penn has been from the beginning to now and referred to her as his cheerleader and rock. As a result of the public praises heaped by her son, The Island Sun newspaper spoke to Ms. Penn about Gorvey’s accomplishments and she also thanked LIME for their selection. The proud mother told us: “I feel good, it’s a great feeling…I have been there throughout. When he said to me — I wanted to go to school, I said ok you go; I will find the money somehow; and I have been doing that for all the years. He started here at H.L.S.C.C, he didn’t have a licence at that time so I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to take him to school. I did that until he got a licence, then got him a car… Then he went to New York, and it was rough; because we had to do a lot of things, because scholarships don’t pay very much, and it was one of the most expensive schools in New York. I had to take up the slack, I did what I had to do and I have no regrets….now I even let him turn my house inside out, because he had his baking to do,” she shared.

Each of the selected persons will receive a $500 cheque and will be featured on LIME’s TV and radio shows. Additionally a personal ad for the winner will be published at the end of each month on the back page of the LIMIN TIMES weekly tv and entertainment guide.