Glenn Claims Biosafe Tournament Title With Straight Set Win Over Brewley | Island Sun

Glenn Claims Biosafe Tournament Title With Straight Set Win Over Brewley


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Carri “Strong” Glenn, awaits a serve. PHOTO: Sylvester Smith

Carri “Strong” Glenn changed his strategy and went on the attack instead of relying on his powerful serve, to defeat Creighton “CJ” Brewley in straight sets, 4-0, 4-0, to win the inaugural Bio Safe Tennis Mixer on Sunday.

“To win this tournament means a lot to me. I pushed on the mock play (last week) and today, I went out running a lot, pushing a lot more ready to attack the ball, it was a much better match today,” Glenn told Island Sun sports. “I hustled more, I was attacking the ball more, came for the shorter shots they normally give me, so I was really attacking more.”

Brewley said the match was “pretty one sided. ”Nevertheless I tried to change it somehow to no avail,” Brewley noted. “Give credit where credit is due, he’s a very good player and very consistent. So I just need to work on what I have to work on in order to win if I enter another tournament.”

He said he’s inconsistent in showing up to practices so it shows in the results.

Glenn advanced to meet Brewley with a 4-0, 4-1 win over Yucari Brewley and a 4-1, 4-0 triumph over Martha Bowens, to claim the Bio Group. Brewley stopped Keziah “Jade” Bolton, 4-3 and 4-1 and Pat Lettsome, 4-1, 4-3, to win the Safe Group, earning the right to meet Glenn.

In the Bio Group, Yucari Brewley needed three sets to defeat Martha Bowens, 4-1, 1-4 and 4-1.

Brewley told Island Sun Sports that the game was very competitive and she fell apart in the second set and wondered what was happening.

“Nevertheless, I kept fighting, I kept motivating myself, because I learned that from my husband to motivate yourself during the match, in order to keep yourself up, keep focused and a positive vibe flowing,” she said. “I kept fighting, didn’t drop my shoulders and came back and won the third set.”

Against Glenn, she said she had him on his toes despite the loss.  

Competing in the Safe Group, Pat Lettesome overcame Keziah “Jade” Bolton, 3-4, 4-3, 4-3.

Lettsome said she played a little timid because of a knee problem.

“I kind of played with caution,” Lettsome told Island Sun Sports. “I was kind of scared that something might happen. I tried some of the strokes, but on some of them, I just had to take my time”

Bolton said she tried different strategies and ran to the ball faster and got a lot of balls in compared to last week’s mock tournament. “I was more aggressive than last week,” she said.

Bowens said she played a better game than in the mock tournament and many of her balls weren’t going into the net and her backhand wasn’t too bad. “I guess today just wasn’t my day,” she said, noting that after the 4-1 second set to Brewley, she was hoping to carry the momentum and stay in the game. “In the third set she came back and ultimately won the game.”

Coach and tournament director Carol Matthew, told Island Sun Sports that it was a good tournament and she’s proud of all the players.

“All of them came out and they really put it all out there,” she noted. “They played hoard. They did their best and they had fun. That was the objective of the tournament—not about the win. As a matter of fact, they’re all winners.”

Mitchell noted that the Safe Group matches were the longest as both went three sets. “They were like Marathons,” she said. “This (tournament) was a trial for us. In the future, we’ll have a women’s and a men’s tournament with the juniors coming back, so we will have some really good competition.”

Biosafe CEO Patrick Mitchell said he has seen a lot of progress in the players from where they began at ground zero, eight months ago to where they are now. Along with spectators, he said they were able to look at some good matches.

“They showed a lot of skills and techniques taught by the coach so it was really nice to see they have reached that point,” he said, noting that they have to work on skills improvement. “Decision making isn’t the best so we have to get them in tuned but that will come around. It calls for more focus, more training, practicing by themselves doing more serves and forehand; putting cones in one area and in the next area try the cross court. Ask yourself, ‘am I doing the right thing.’ Decision making is very important.”