Get Involved in 2nd District Cleanup: Hon. Turnbull says


Second District Representative, Hon. Mitch Turnbull says that money should not always be the motive for good deeds and calls on his constituents to join him for two massive cleanups organized to ready the District for the upcoming cruiseship season.

During his speech in the House of Assembly on 2 November, Hon. Turnbull said that the cleanups were scheduled for Cane Garden Bay and Brewers Bay specifically.

“As we approach this cruise season know that on 14 November in Brewers Bay and on the 21 November in Cane Garden Bay we will be carrying out the cleanup campaign from 6:00 to about 12:00 pm.” The Representative referred to the activity as clean up and preparation for the District.

Hon. Turnbull said that the initiative is a community effort that is aimed at beautifying the communities and persons should come out to support: “We can get involved! I will be actively involved in cleaning up and preparing our place, because we have to get back to a place Madame Speaker where everything we do does not require persons to be paid.”

“I am willing too, I am not only willing but I would lead the cause, and lay the charge to help clean up the communities. If we get some water from some of the businesses that would be good. We are doing it because we care about where we live,” he added.