Geographic Information Is Outdated: Chief Planner Says


Chief Planner of the Town and Country Planning Department Mr. Gregory Adams has called for the urgent replacement of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that is a key feature of the planning services of the Department.

The Chief Planner announced in an annual report that was laid on the table of the Eighth Sitting of the First Session of the Third House of Assembly that the GIS information currently being used is woefully outdated and poses an issue.

It was announced that the Department’s antiquated mapping system is putting the planning efforts at a disadvantage: “Outdated mapping information continues to be a major setback for the Department. The aerial images used as a baseline for the GIS mapping is over a decade old, which makes it a challenge when developing planning studies based on archaic information,” the report said.

“This problem must be address immediately if TCP and other departments are expected to make meaningful decisions that impact the development of the Territory,” the report further stated.

The (GIS) computer system is used for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on the Territory’s surface. By using this software planners can observe various data on one map, and be able to easily see, analyse, and understand patterns and relationships.