Future Of Palm Grove Shopping CTR Discussed


Mr. Anthony McMaster Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Works (PSCW) announced that the Palm Grove Shopping Center would not be rebuilt in its current pattern.

The Palm Grove Shopping Center which featured various businesses was destroyed by hurricane Irma last September and remains one of the ruined sites in the capital of Road Town to date.

In providing information as to what will become of the iconic center the Permanent Secretary while speaking to the Standing Finance Committee under the heading of the Wickham’s Cay Development Authority mentioned that consideration was still on going.

 McMaster told the Committee information on the structural integrity of the Palm Grove Shopping Center indicated that the building should not be re-built in its present condition. He mentioned that discussions are ongoing with the Authority and he noted that meetings have been held with the current leaseholders.

In the end the Permanent Secretary said that a recommendation would be forwarded to the Minister for Communications and Works and, consequently, the finalization of the future of the shopping center.

Following the hurricane concerns were raised about the asbestos roofs on building in the center. In his update McMaster mentioned that roof had been removed, and the Ministry had received a proposal from one of the Rotary Clubs to enclose the building.

In relation to the Tenant Agreement for the Palm Grove Shopping Center, the Committee advised that the entire Wickham’s Cay lands (I and II) would have had a 99 year lease arrangement; therefore, the parties to the leases for the center would have obtained a lease for the remainder of that 99 year period.

He further clarified that the lease was not a “lease-to-own” type of lease, and that, whatever time remained on the 99 year lease, it would revert back to the Wickham’s Cay Crown. It was also noted that in the event a lessee died, the executor of that estate would obtain the lease.