Funds To Revive Agriculture Sector Are Insufficient: Minister Says


The agriculture industry needs reviving and there is not enough money to fund all of the possible projects, but Minister for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr. The Hon. Natalio Wheatley is still convinced that medical marijuana which has boosted economies in numerous countries around the world can be a panacea for the Territory’s agriculture sector. 

The Minister while speaking to farmers at a meeting on 14 August mentioned a number of initiatives being considered to boost the industry and mentioned medical marijuana as one of the options. 

This is not the first time Hon. Wheatley has spoken of medical marijuana. In fact, this would mark the third time since being elected that he has discussed the subject of legalizing marijuana for medical use.  

“Marijuana has medical benefits and the world is discovering the medical benefits of marijuana to the point where you could have a little jar, a little vial, very small, tiny what they call CBD oil that would go for about $60 to $80. Just a little vial, because this thing is healing cancer, asthma, epilepsy; all types of different ailments,” he pointed out.  

“When I look at the Agriculture Department, one of the things that is striking is the lack of money in it…I have identified the marijuana production as a means of being able to generate revenue and to even help us with our crop and livestock programme,” he added.