Millions of dollars was said to be needed as soon as possible to prevent the closure of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport. This announcement came on the heels of revelations about mismanagement and wastage at the facility that was discovered by the recently appointed Board of the BVI Airport Authority (BVIAA).

In relating the quandary to the Members of the House of Assembly on August 2 Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie divulged that at a meeting government was asked to urgently find $5M to prevent the airport’s shutdown.

He told the House: “This morning my government members were invited to a meeting with one of the statutory boards and all they were doing was holding their head when they went through what the urgent matters are.” 

The Premier said that the Government was told by staff of the Airport that the money was needed in a matter of days: “They showed us documents that they were writing saying if you don’t take care of this that is going to happen,” Hon. Fahie disclosed. He also mentioned that five million was not the final sum but rather what was needed now to remedy the situation.

“It’s more than that — $5.8 million is what is needed now. The Board members weren’t the ones speaking it was those on staff showing us the correspondences for the airport. we need $5.8M right now to deal with some things for the airport to avoid it from shutting down,” the Premier disclosed.