Fun Filled BVI Archery Zombie Apocalypse Shootout Hailed a Success

Participants in Saturday's inaugural BVI Archery Association's Zombie apocalypse shootout

Participants in Saturday’s inaugural BVI Archery Association’s Zombie apocalypse shootout

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Participants in Saturday’s inaugural BVI Archery Association Halloween zombie apocalypse shootout, with teams representing Russia, Germany and the USA, was described as a fun filled learning experience.

While inclement weather delayed the start of the event at HLSCC, eventually gave way to sunny skies and a bright afternoon

“We had a little over 30 participants including zombies and originally, each team was to have five members. One team had to drop out because three people had to work. but originally, we expected 40-50 people,” said BVI Archery Association general secretary Ritseeniyah Georges. “They looked like they had fun. I didn’t want to make the roles too hard then they’d be there having to try and figure out puzzles, but that’s what actually was supposed to happen. I tried to make it as easy as possible for them to go through it and it looks like they had fun.”

DeShawn Douglas of the Russian team enjoyed the event. “This was a great experience and I think more people should have come out to make it even a bigger one,” Douglas said. “It was really fun and the outcome was a bit challenging at first but then we got the hand of it.”

With zombies as moving targets, Douglas said it helped his skills because there’s not much time to hit a zombie coming at you at eight miles per hour. “It was a great event to train our archery skills on a whole, he noted.  “Even the slower zombies we had to take aim at and we still got some killed.”

Rating the event from 1-10, Germany’s Te’Jorn Skelton gave it an 8. “This event was very good. It thought you to be quick on your feet and to aim at moving targets,” he explained. “This definitely helped in my hand eye coordination, eye contact and to focus my shot.”

D’Moi Martin of the USA team echoed similar sentiments as Douglas that the event was a great experience. “It was fun most of all,” he said. “We all came out and gave our best which was the most important part. Our teamwork could have been a little smoother, but in the end, we all stuck together.”