Fumigation Of Liat Airplanes Confirmed


Regional airline LIAT confirmed reports that small insects were on board a flight recently, and that fumigation has since become necessary.

It was not mentioned on which flight or route the insects were discovered or whether disruption occurred as a result. What was mentioned in the company’s 6 September statement was that the matter was handled.

In a press release the company announced: “LIAT has scheduled additional fumigation of its aircraft after the discovery of small insects on board.” The statement further said: “As a responsible carrier with an exemplary safety and maintenance record, LIAT has a regular programme for the cleaning and fumigation of its aircraft performed by a world class pest control company.

LIAT’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Julie Reifer-Jones explained that the fumigation was a precautionary measure: “The nature of our business of cargo and baggage, insects are continually being introduced to the aircraft. It is in this light that we have scheduled an additional fumigation of the entire LIAT fleet, as a precaution”.

The fumigation is expected to be an ongoing initiative: “LIAT does not expect any flight disruptions or passenger inconveniences as a result of the fumigation, since the process will take place after the aircraft has completed its scheduled daily rotation”