Fully Functional Judiciary Is a Priority


The Magistrate’s Court is expected to recommence hearing criminal cases thanks to a temporary arrangement to house the sittings at the House of Assembly chambers. The announcement was made by Governor Augustus Jaspert as he disclosed that more is being done to support the judiciary.

The Governor while speaking at a press conference on 27 February stated that “We will continue to do everything possible to ensure that the Judiciary is fully functional as it serves as the foundation for a lawful society.”

In this vein the Governor presented an update on strides that were made over the last week to further the work of the Judiciary. Among the updates was the announcement that the Magistrate’s Court will be sitting to hear criminal cases; Governor Jaspert said: “Due to an unfortunate and unforeseen delay in construction, no fault of the contractor, at the House of Assembly Building, Magistrate’s Court Criminal did not commence as scheduled, but I have been informed that it is now projected to commence on 6 March at the House of Assembly, subject to the House of Assembly schedule.”

He also noted that the Court of Appeal commenced on Monday 26 February and will sit until Friday 2 March. Similarly it was mentioned that High Court Civil matters continued. It was noted that the Criminal High Court commenced with the hearing of a few matters at the Sakal Building.