FSN Helps 63 Students


Some 63 students benefited from the generosity of the community through the Family Support Network, and received their school uniforms plus supplies to attend school this year.

In a thank you message, the staff of FSN announced that the students and families who were presented with the needed items were very pleased: “As a result of the generous donors, we were able to help over 63 children, which was equivalent to about 35 families,” the staff stated.

The school supplies were well received by not only the students, but the parents who could not afford to purchase the items: “To see the looks on the faces of these children when they received their school supplies, uniforms and books was absolutely priceless. One parent stated that if it was not for the donors, her children would not be able to start school because she had no money to buy any school supplies,” FSN said.

“She wants to say thank you. We at the Family Support Network want to also say thank you. We could not have done it without you. FSN Staff,” the staff added.

The Family Support Network BVI is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to aid individuals, couples and families affected by domestic violence.