Fsn Assists A Growing Number Of Troubled Teens


There is an increasing number of troubled teens in the Territory, the 2013 annual report distributed this week to the media from the Family Support Network (FSN) stated.

The document mentioned that there are more real social issues in this community than just domestic violence; it also noted that youths are troubled and that the Network assists them quite often. “There is the growing trend of angry and otherwise troubled children in our community and the havoc they are wreaking on society, we see them every day.”

The report announced that FSN is being sought out for help with the troubled teens by the Police, Truant Officers, the DPP, parents, the church and concerned citizens, and even by other children.

These requests resulted in 105 children visiting the Network in 2013.

These teens were taken to FSN by various people and entities. “One other non profit organization reached out to us to help with this issue and that was Zonta. That contact testifies to the work we do, and the respect in which our organization is held in the community because of it. There is the issue of angry women who the court is seeking help with and we were approached to help with this issue and we did, and we did it successfully,” the report added.