FSN: 1028 Purple Flags For As Many People With Family Problems


Executive Director, Dr. Sylvia Simmons explained that this year in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month the Family Support Network (FSN) is celebrating the persons who sought help from the organization.

Dr. Simmons announced that the FSN chose to celebrate with purple flags and that each flag represents a person who sought help: “You might notice purple flags flying on part of the highway around One Mart and Delta area, each flag represents the 1028 persons who came through the doors of Family Support Network from January, 2015 to September, 2015.”
She explained that these women, children, teenagers and men came for food, housing, Protection Orders, counseling, or legal assistance. “The callers were an additional 55 persons in need of service,” she added.

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month FSN is asking the community to be vigilant and break the silence. “When we keep quiet, the cycle of violence continues. Domestic violence is a crime and like any crime the community must take a stand and speak out against it. Women and children are the primary victims,” she said.