Four qualify for Kings of The Court 3-point final

Khalique Brewley is the King of the District 45 Court

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Shamoii Dagou and Khalique Brewely joined Jason Edwin and Jamari Parillon as qualifiers for the June 13 finals of the King of the Court 3-Point competition by winning the court in their respective districts. Dagou won District Six in Baughers Bay on Sunday after Brewely took District 4-5 on Saturday in Lower Estate. 

Edwin was the District Three winner in Sea Cows Bay, while Parillon won District 1-2 in Capoons Bay. 

“This was a really, really great weekend for the King of The Court 3-Point competition. It was very competitive,” Steve Parillon told Island Sun Sports. “We started on Saturday in Lower Estate and we had six guys going to the second round of the competition and had the Brewley Brothers—Devonte and Khalique—and Khalique who is the younger brother, ended up being the King of that Court. On Sunday in Baughers Bay, it was another exciting competition and we had six guys tied for the final spot in the first round and there was a shootout and Ray Victor won that final spot.”

Parillon noted that Dagou—who competed at the previous three courts—was the overall winner, after a tie breaker with Diorys “Migo” Joseph. 

There were 10 shooters in Lower Estate and 17 in Baughers Bay. 

“There was a mixture of young, veteran and middle-aged shooters,” Parillon noted of the Baughers Bay competition. “It was a really, really good showing.”

Action continues this weekend with Districts 7-8 in Greenland on Saturday and Virgin Gorda on Sunday in District Nine will determine the last two finalists. Activities begin at 4 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. 

Parillon said the window is closing on those who really want to be in the final and Saturday is the final opportunity on Tortola.

“There’s still a lot of guys out there who are claiming to be some of the best shooters but until you can conquer a court, it doesn’t matter you say—you have to go out and prove it,” he noted. “I think there’s going to be a lot of intruders—that’s the name we have for shooters who don’t shoot in their district but shooting in someone’s district—so there will be a lot of them this weekend who are trying to get those last two spots, because they want to be in the spotlight on June 13, because that’s the big show, that’s the big dance. To be one of those six says a lot about you as a shooter, so I think that this weekend is going to be really competitive and I think guys are doing to come out to get one of those two spots.”

Details regarding the June 13 finals are being finalized.