Former Education Minister Bestows Kudos on Hon. Walwyn


Opposition Member and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie has publicly commended Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn and the Government for the work that has been done on the Virgin Islands Technical School in Baughers Bay.

In a statement that was released to the media following the school’s opening, Hon. Fahie commended the improvements done to the institution, and offered congratulations. He said: “Although not currently the norm in BVI politics, I am a firm believer that when something is good for our Territory then we should not allow our political affiliations to stop us from recognizing what is good regardless of what political party did it. The improvements to the technical school are noteworthy, and for this venture I congratulate the Minister and government.”

The former Minister for Education pointed out that Governments in the past and present continue to make improvements to all aspects of the Territory’s education system, and he noted that the new Technical School is following such trends. “Improvements in our technical studies continue to be achieved over the years with this latest improvement adding much more needed value to our technical studies programme,” Hon. Fahie added.

“Our youths are our future and past and present governments have and continue to exhaust all efforts in improving our education product. Through these efforts our children can rest assured that a solid building is being built on an even stronger education foundation laid by many educational stalwarts in the past thereby ensuring the best for each child whereby at no time were any of them treated as an outcast or as a victim of the system but rather a victor with a bright future as a Virgin Islander. As I always do, I pray for the best for each student and our education system. Our children’s future is in their hands. I urge each of them to: Stay focused. Stay dedicated. Stay respectful. The rest is in God’s hands,” Hon. Fahie said.

The Opposition member explained that as a Territory the BVI’s best days are not its yesterdays, but starts with a sound education which past and present governments have made great strides in providing. “Our journey towards excellence, towards greatness, is far more important than the intended destination. If our education system fails then we all fail; however for us in the BVI failure is not an option. Let us continue to encourage our children to be the best that they can be,” Hon. Fahie declared.