Flow Tv To Offer 120 Channels


FLOW TV is finally here in the BVI and at a special product launch on 20 July residents were introduced to the telecommunication company’s IPTV Streaming platform and the various packages associated with it. By all descriptions, the competition is most welcomed in the Territory.

In a presentation to the gathering, General Manager of Flow, Colin MacDonald boasted that FLOW TV introduces customer to over 120 channels and video on demand content.

He explained that although the set top box delivers the service over a broadband connection it operates on a separate platform, and therefore its usage will not diminish the broadband service in the home.

The General Manager announced that the service delivers the major US networks such as  ABC, CBC and NBC as well as sports channels such as ESPN. He especially mentioned the special sport package that includes Premier League and NFL sports.

Emphasis was also placed on the on-demand service available on the FLOW TV platform and the fact that customers can watch blockbuster movies, and many more shows and content with ease.

“If you come in and a movie is half way you can start it back and it will play uninterrupted,” Mr. Macdonald said before revealing that there is “cloud” video recording capabily.

The General Manager emphasized that the inflated Spanish mix that is currently experienced by cable customers is not an issue for FLOW as it was mentioned the company has US licensed content thanks to its affiliation with Liberty Global — the cable empire that owns Virgin Media, and is referred to as the US “king of cable”.

Additionally it was noted that some of the issues that mars FLOW’s broadband services such as lack of support, and pricing will not affect FLOW TV.