Flow To Roll Out 4G Service In The Near Future


During the opening of the new FLOW Customer Experience Centre on 13 July, Managing Director of the telecommunications company Mr. Tim Ringsdore announced once again that FLOW intends to roll out 4G service this year.

The Managing Director said: “Later in the year you would see 4G which we refer to as LTE superfast mobile broadband coming to the BVI and again to provide even a greater experience for our customers.”

In 2014 the company announced plans to upgrade broadband services in fibre based technology to deliver significantly improved speed to its customers. FLOW disclosed that the process began in 2013 as an investment in 4G services.

The company’s former Managing Director, Sean Auguste explained that 4G is the fourth generation mobile technology and the major difference it brings is the provision of high speed data access at customer fingertip via their handset: “While we have had high speed access before, most of it has been over WI-FI which is to a certain extent limited in its reach; because WI-FI hotspots are not universally available. Now with the advent of 4G you have high speed access on your handset or on your lap-top anywhere in the Territory; so it is no longer dependent on a WI-FI hotspot to get high speed access,” the former Managing Director stated.

He said that the company’s 4G quest was driven by consumer demand: “There was a bit of customer demand. Customers are not saying we want 4G, but customers are saying I want faster access on my phone…. Nobody says that they want 4G, but when you begin to listen to the needs of your customers you begin to ask where is the technology going and how can we bring it all together to meet the needs of our customers.”

Many major European cities and countries have free WI-FI available in urban areas and elsewhere.