Flow Opens New Flagship Store


“We are bringing something fresh and vibrant to the Virgin Islands”, Managing Director of FLOW BVI, Mr. Tim Ringsdore announced as the telecommunications company opened the doors to its modernized flagship store on 13 July. The newly refurbished facility has an estimated cost of $500,000 and was described as another investment in the Territory as well as another part of FLOW’s rebranding.

Mr. Ringsdore announced that the location is being referred to as a customer experience centre because it was designed to be more than a store. “For us this is about the start of changing our business and the way we interact with our customers and how we provide a far better customer experience coming into the environment of telecoms. Technology is at the heart of our community and for us this center is hopefully going to provide an opportunity for customers young and old to come in and really experience some of the latest technology.”

The Managing Director explained that the renovation was geared toward providing the community with a new environment in the competitive market of telecommunications. He also pointed out that the refurbished facility is a demonstration of FLOW’s continued investment in the Virgin Islands: “Not just in the store but in our technology for broadband and the internet for the fixed home and also mobile technology,” Mr. Ringsdore stated.

Mr. Ringsdore announced that the new customer experience centre will soon be complemented by 4G service which is expected to be rolled out in the near future: “Later in the year you would see 4G which we refer to as LTE superfast mobile broadband coming to the BVI and again to provide even a greater experience for our customers.”

The Managing Director opined that the new facility will be complemented by better service, and explained that the company is aware of previous customer concerns: “I’d like to thank our customers for their support, as I’ve said we’ve been through a lot of change over the years, and we continue to change our business; but I am hoping this is positive change and this centre is a demonstration of our investment. And hopefully you will see a different atmosphere and a different energy from our staff who are really keen to serve our customers.”

It was announced that a number of FLOW’s technicians were retrained in order to better assist customers with broadband and mobile technology. “We also have a community support system here so if you are in town and your mobile device is running low of battery you can come into the store. Here you can put your phone into a locker with key environment go and do your shopping come back and your phone will be charged at the end of it,” Mr. Ringsdore said.

He admitted that the company still has some issues to sort out, but he is confident they are making positive changes: “We still have some challenges, most telecoms companies do across the Caribbean… I’d like to think our mobile technology is probably some of the best in the Virgin Islands; and as I’ve said we are planning to reinvest in our mobile network in the next few months. You are going to see superfast mobile rolled out across the Virgin Islands and that’s coming soon,” he added.