Fishing Should Become A Pivot Of The Bvi Economy: Alvin Christopher Says


BVI waters are one of the richest, most fertile, and as such it was suggested that fishing should become a pivot of the Territory’s economy. The suggestion was made by Second District Representative, and PEP Chairman, Hon. Alvin Christopher.

Hon. Christopher announced that for years he has been speaking about developing the fishing industry. He stated: “We have one of the richest and most fertile waters in the Caribbean, which is an industry in itself that we need to develop; and for years we have been talking about it and nothing is being done…”

The seasoned Legislator stated that the richness of BVI waters is backed up by research: “I served as Minister for Natural Resources and Labour and we have done extensive research on an area which we call the North Drop. We have found out that second only to the Gulf of Mexico that we have such a large congregation of migrating species. They pass through, but we don’t at the time try our best to develop that industry. We can have a third pillar to stand on, and all of that form part of agriculture and putting food on our tables and creating new industries and new businesses.”

“You can find people from as far as Japan fishing in our 200 mile economic zone waters which is very rich and very fertile, and as a country and as a government we need to turn to some of these resources to expand other sources of revenue to substitute the others that we have which are financial services and tourism,” Hon. Christopher added.