First WPM Surgery Performed At Bougainvillea Clinic


Last week the management and staff of the Kendall Griffith Cardiac Cathlab in the Bougainvillea Clinic had an extra reason to celebrate as it was announced that a case of Abnormal Heart Rhythm (WPW syndrome) was successfully cured at the facility.

It was announced that this was the first time such a surgery was performed in the Territory; and this success fittingly coincided with the one year anniversary of the Cathlab. As a result both milestones were celebrated on Saturday 26 October at a special banquet that was held at Village Cay.

Dr. Heskith Vanterpool, Medical Director of the Bougainvillea Clinic explained that Dr. Carpen, with his team successfully performed ablation of an accessory electrical pathway in a patient’s heart which resulted in the successful remedying of the case of WPW syndrome

The issue, he explained, was responsible for frequent/periodic dangerous attacks of tachycardia that the patient suffered. According to Dr. Vanterpool the situation was a serious one because during the attacks the patient’s heart would suddenly start beating at 160-200 bpm, causing a drop in blood pressure, feeling of faintness and occasionally loss of consciousness.

In further noting the severity of the problem, the Medical Director of the Bougainvillea Clinic explained that the increased heart rate situation would last between several minutes to several hours and could have eventually lead to heart attack or death.

Dr. Vanterpool elaborated on how the medical procedure was done and noted that the patient will now be well: “The abnormal electrical pathway is dormant most of the time but from time to time becomes active causing the attack of very rapid palpitations. The location of the abnormal pathway was carefully identified and attack of the palpitations was induced and terminated. The EP doctor was then able to carefully interrupt/ablate the pathway with radiofrequency energy (RFA).”

“The patient will remain in hospital overnight for monitoring and should be discharged tomorrow morning (Sunday 27 October). With such successful treatment her condition is permanently cured,” he added.