First Quarter Shows Notable Decline In Burglaries


ROAD-TOWN-&-ROAD-HARBOURMonday, April 20 – Recorded crime for burglaries in both dwelling and businesses showed a notable decrease when compared to the first quarter of last year.

For dwelling burglaries, there was a 46 percent decrease in the number reported which amounts to 12 less victims, and in properties other than dwelling, there was a 57 percent decrease which amounts to 20 less victims. Between January and the end of March of last year, there were 16 reported business burglaries with nine being in the Road Town area. For the same period in 2015, Police recorded seven business burglaries in the first quarter with only one business burglarized in the Road Town area. Five of those business burglaries were in Virgin Gorda and all were detected.

Commissioner of Police David Morris noted that while there is no place for complacency, it is good to acknowledge when efforts both on the part of the Police and the community are fruitful.

“Our community is reaping the rewards of partnerships built over the years with increase patrols, good detectives and scene of crime officers, and functional surveillance cameras of businesses. These partnerships ultimately brought about a higher detection rate which is now at 54% and successful convictions by prosecutors who are also valuable partners in the fight,” he said.

The Commissioner noted the need to continue strengthening these ties as criminals will likely devise new ways to evade detection.

“We certainly cannot predict what will happen for the rest of the year however we do believe that strengthening the existing partnerships will help to maintain and even support a further decline in reported crime.