Firearm Seized, Drugs Confiscated in Two Operations


Officers of the Criminal Investigations Unit seized a loaded firearm and 21 rounds of ammunition along with the suspected owner of the illegal weapon last Wednesday as part of a recent series of police operations.

The male was approached outside of the Violet Motel off Fishlock Road. Upon seeing the officers he made an attempt to escape but was apprehended and searched. In his front jean pocket, police found nine rounds of .40 caliber ammunition in a magazine. In the area where he originally stood, officers found a loaded .22 caliber firearm with 15 rounds of ammunition.

A further search was conducted of a blue bag on the ground near the suspect and 17 dime bags containing what is suspected to be cocaine, 14 dime bags containing what is suspected to be cannabis, a large zip lock bag containing a quantity of green vegetable matter and a small amount of cash was found.

As a result, Camille King Jr., 35, of St. Thomas, USVI was charged with two counts of carrying firearm without a license, two counts of possession of explosives, unlawful possession of cannabis, unlawful possession of cocaine, unlawful possession of cocaine with intent to supply and illegal entry into the Territory.

In yet another stop/search operation in Scatliffe Alley by the RVIPF Tactical Unit within the same week, a male was approached outside a bar and informed of the officers’ intention to search his person and his vehicle. The suspect, who then attempted to run, was restrained and he immediately threw a Ziploc bag over a nearby wall.

The bag was recovered and contained smaller zipped bags with a substance suspected to be cocaine and green vegetable matter suspected to be cannabis. A further search of the area resulted in the recovery of two jars with a powdery white substance believed to be cocaine. Upon being questioned the suspect knocked both jars from the officer’s hands and ran but was later apprehended.

Mario Matthew of Josiahs Bay was subsequently charged with unlawful possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply, unlawful possession of crack cocaine, unlawful possession of cocaine and unlawful possession of cannabis, destroying property, resisting arrest and escaping lawful custody.

Detective Superintendent Alexis Charles gave his commendations to the officers for their swift actions on all the operations. “I am pleased that officers continue to be resolute in their efforts to remove firearms and illegal drugs from our streets,” he said.

Persons within the community who have information that can assist in identifying suspects in possession of illegal firearms and drugs are encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigation Department through the RVIPF at 311. Persons can also call the Crimestoppers number at 800-8477 and give information anonymously to the Miami-based centre.