Financial Services Reputation Is Crucial: Hon. Walwyn Says


“It is not just about you”, Minister for Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn declared in a statement that was directed at the BVI Financial Industry stakeholders.

The Minister while debating the “Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act, 2015” spoke firmly on the subject and stated that the said industry should be mindful that “they don’t tarnish the brand of this country just for a few pennies”

“Do your due diligence on persons who are coming to you to open companies here, because it is not just about you…it is about the name of this country and the survival of financial services that is so important to this country and there is a part that all of us have to play,” he announced.

Hon. Walwyn also called all stakeholders to guard the industry. He said: “Government has its role to play, the Commission has its role and the industry has its role, so I want to encourage all of us to do what we must do to protect this financial services sector because it is very important to the development of our Territory.