Final race in VG


DSC_4530The Virgin Gorda leg of the 19th Highland Spring H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) Race Series came to a close this past Saturday with the final competitive race.

Curwin Andrews, a race series participant since the early two thousands led the series from beginning to end and successfully captured the 2014 Male Overall Champion title. His winning time of 11 minutes 41.12 seconds for race three was likely his best time ever on the Valley route.

For the women it was both consistency and performance that lead to the double overall winners of Kathleen Brownsdon (2013- co champ, course record holder) and Casey McNutt (2010 & 2012 champion).  Additionally, the women’s’ field was consistently supported by our oldest participant Christina Yates.

For the Primary Division the title was captured by Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary (ROMP) (also champions in 2009), through the efforts of the two 2014 outstanding primary male participants Lekoy O’Neal and Shakoy O’Neal. In the Secondary division the females led the final race as outstanding participant Mariah Christian crossed as the first secondary runner. This was after top outstanding male Samory Romney suffered from a cramp.  As team mates their success during the series ensured the repeat win of defending champion Bregado Flax O’Neal House. Harrigan and Rymer houses took the overall second and third places respectively.

Race Director Stephanie Russ Penn was joined by Dr. Karl Dawson, HLSCC President in awarding and congratulating the participants. Both extended their gratitude to the Virgin Gorda Community for their continued support of the event.

Roads now lead back to Paraquita Bay for race #3 of the Tortola leg scheduled for Saturday 25th October. For more information, please contact Ms. Russ Penn, 852-7216. Registration begins at 6:30 a.m. for a race start at 7:00 a.m.  All are also invited to our special sunset walk in support of Family Support Network and the BVI Cancer Society on October 31st, 2014 at 5:30p.m.

Schedule for Remaining Races
Sat. 25 Oct Tortola

Sat. 15 Nov. Tortola
2014 Series- Overall Awards
(Note: Participants must have competed in at least two competitive races to qualify for awards)
Two-Mile Overall Male Champion: 1. Curwin Andrews
Two-Mile Overall Female Champion: 2. Kathleen Brownsdon & Casey McNutt
Under 11 Male: Me’Khoi Telemaque
Under 20 Male: 1.Sephile Arthurton
Age 30-39 Females: 1. Casey McNutt
Age 40-49 Males: 1. Samuel Wilbert
Age 40-49 Females: 1. Kathleen Brownsdon
Age 50-59 Males: 1. Curwin Andrews, Emrol Amsterdam,
Over 70 Females: 1. Christina Yates
Primary School Division: 1. Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary
Secondary School Division: 1. BFEC O’Neal House, 2. BFEC Harrigan House, 3. BFEC Rhymer House
Outstanding Primary School Males: Lekoy O’Neal & Shakoy O’Neal
Outstanding High School Male: Samory Romney
Outstanding High School Female: Miriah Christian

Final Results
Two Mile, Men: 1. Curwin Andrews, 11 minutes 41.12 seconds.  2. Emrol Amsterdam, 11:47.45.  3. Ravindra Sukhu, 11:54.40.  4. Rainford Legair, 13:42.74.  5. Brian Gaston, 13:58.16. 6. Ryan Joseph, 14:40.26.  7. Sephile Arthurton, 16.51.71.  8. Me’Khoi Telemaque, 20:17.73.   9. Wilbert Samuel, 20:37.11.  10. Paul Fenty & Brownie, 27:37.52. Women: Kathleen Brownsdon, 13:01.75.  2. Casey McNutt, 15:48.95.  3. Christina Yates, 23:41.55.

Cross Country
Primary School Teams: Robinson O’Neal Memorial (ROMP): 1. Lekoy O’Neal (ROMP), 20:04.26.  2. Shakoy O’Neal (ROMP), 20:04.56.  3. Allena George (ROMP), 21:04.28.

Score:  Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary, 6
Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax Houses (Harrigan (H), O’Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Mariah Christian (O), 14:50.26, 2. J’Sally O’Neal (H), 16:22.46. 3. Gezira Alexander, 21:34.20.  4. Samory Romney, 22:16.14.

Scores: 1. O’Neal, 8 (3 participant). 2. Harrigan House, 2 (1 participant).

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