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Festival & Fairs Committee Chairman Resigns


Chairman of the Festival and Fairs Committee Carnel Clyne resigned and Minister for Education and Culture Natalio Wheatley told the House of Assembly on 11 June that it was with reluctance that he accepted the letter.

The resignation seemed sudden as the Minister told the House that he had only moments earlier received it: “Moments ago, I received an email from the Chairman of the Virgin Islands Festivals and Fairs Committee, Mr. Carnel Clyne, where he indicated his wish to resign from his post.  Mr. Speaker, after reading his reasoning, I have reluctantly decided to accept his resignation. Mr. Clyne made mention of unforeseen personal responsibilities which would impact his performance as Chairman. He felt that under those circumstances, he would have been challenged to devote the level of attention that the Committee would require and deserve,” Hon. Wheatley said.

Wheatley mentioned that a lot has been accomplished by the Festival and Fairs Committee under the Chairman’s leadership. The Minister emphasised that even matters that eluded former Committees were achieved because of Clyne’s push. The Minister opined that negativity fuelled by certain persons accelerated the Chairman’s departure: “Mr. Speaker, it saddens me sometimes when I see Virgin Islanders tearing each other down.”

Hon. Wheatley was vague in his reference but he pointedly mentioned attributes of the resignation instigators: “Mr. Speaker, some of these persons are members of Carnel Clyne’s community.  Some of these persons are Carnel Clyne’s family.  Some of these persons even profess Christianity.  Mr. Speaker the Bible tells us, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Mr. Speaker, I pray as Virgin Islander that we stop throwing stones at each other.”