Festival 2015 – Relatively Incident Free


Wednesday, August 12 – RVIPF is reporting only a few skirmishes at the Festival Village, the Rise and Shine Tramps and Ellis Thomas Downs during Festival 2015.
Acting Commissioner Alwin James noted, after sifting through the reports of the last few weeks, events during the national celebration were relatively free of violence.
“The RVIPF prepares for the worst but we always hope for the best and while there were a few reports of disorderly conduct and even smaller number of fights, events during Festival were virtually incident free,” he said.
The Acting Commissioner believes the community’s intolerance to disorder and anti-social behaviour contributed to keeping the number of incidents low.
“Police have noted that those that come out to enjoy themselves are more vocal of their intolerance to social disorder. This level of public intolerance helps to keep events in check and reduce the chance of violence outbreaks which is beneficial to all,” he noted.
The heavy police presence, which was seen at all the events, also discouraged disorderly conduct and added to the level of security.
“We deployed the extra human resources necessary to support an incident-free celebration. Officers had been advised to be friendly, supportive and approachable, but solid in their resolve to arrest offenders who display any kind of disorder in order to preserve the peace. I commend the officers for carrying out their duties well,” he said.