It is about to get harder for men who willfully decide not to pay child support as Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that steps are going to be taken to get the money due to the children from the delinquent fathers.

While speaking at a press conference that was held at the Village Cay conference room on 20 January the BVI Leader expressed his frustration about some fathers who neglect their responsibilites. “Even with child support, I do not know why men go and get children and don’t support them. I have an issue with that,” Hon. Fahie said as he declared plans to address the issue.

Hon. Fahie explained that a Bill will be taken to the House of Assembly to make it more likely that child support will be paid. In explaining how the Bill will work, Hon. Fahie said, “One of the legislations we are going to bring forward within the second quarter or so of this year is that they [father’s owing child suppport] can’t leave the Territory again, ever, until they pay off their bills. We are going to attach their names to every single thing in government.”

According to the Premier the owed payments would be flagged when the father attempts to carry out other government transactions. “When they go to pay one, say they have to pay Social Security to get contract, with the e-government legislation that we are doing, their name will pop up that you owe Inland Revenue or they owe somewhere else and you are getting nothing until you pay up that child support and all those other things.”

The BVI Leader said that the child support issue is one that government has to address because the spinoff effects can affect the entire Territory: “We have to understand that when we get children and we don’t support them we are putting them to be a burden on society and asking a lady to do all of that, raise the children and to get monies, that is too much and I don’t take that lightly.”

In noting how the issue can have a ripple effect Hon. Fahie said that some of the children end up going down a bad path. “Some of them end up in jail, some of them end up stealing, murdering and it all started because they didn’t have that father figure.”

Further the Premier said that Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Hon. Neville Smith and Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone are working on this child support relation and other legislations to help single mothers.