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Farrington joins elite group breaking 11 in Mourant College Classic Series


118 runners breaking out the gate in the 27th Mourant College Classic Series  finale in Paraquita Bay on Saturday 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Jahshani “Farrie” Farrington became just the fifth participant—and the youngest—to break the 11 minutes barrier as the 27th annual Mourant College Classic Series concluded on Saturday in Paraquita Bay, with 147 participants in two divisions.

Visiting consultant Rori Martines from Spain, pushed the pace through the first mile of the race and three quarters of the race, before Farrington made his move, attacked the home stretch and stopped the clock at 10 minutes, 59.72 seconds, to join elite company, who times under 11 minutes in 1996, 1997, 2018 and 2019. Martines finished in 11:09.34, the second fastest time of the series this year.

“Today’s race was a lot more intense, but I still held it to the end and the last part I came in strong,” Farrington said. “He was the rabbit for my race. I paced with him, until coming home and tried going with it once I knew I had it. It feels really good, but there was a lot of work to do it. All I’m saying  is, just keep trying no matter how much hard work it is. Just keep trying.”

Farrington, 16, an 800m finalist at this year’s Carifta Games in Jamaica, said his training for the 2023 season has been going well, but said he didn’t feel like coming to the race.

“You know when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed but sometimes, you have to leave that alone,” said Farrington who was third overall in the series and is looking to better his 2022 performances next year. “Put the positives first and go for your race.”

Martines, from Calita in Spain’s northern region where it’s hilly, said he was in the territory on a consultancy and learned about the race.

“It was hard in the beginning, I liked the hill but the second part, the one who was second all the time passed me,” he said of Farrington. “I’m an old man so my strategy is to do all I can until I’m empty. The second guy was perfect. He ran behind me so I could hear him and he pushed me because I knew he was close. He kept pushing in the last part and passed me on the last road coming home.”

Meanwhile, Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, fifth overall in 12:43.72, was the top woman and easily repeated as champion. “For some reason, today felt like a longer run. It was hard,” she reflected. “Usually by the third race, you’ve found your legs and you’ve got used to the course, you’ve got a bit of speed and it gets easier, but today, maybe it was the wind. I’ll go with that.”

She has been using the races as part of her training for the upcoming BVI Sunrise Half Marathon on November 26.

Final Overall Standings & Division WinnersOverall Males: 1. Rowan Victor, 2. Jonathan Lynch, 3. Jahshani Farrington. Females: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 2. Kailia Martin, 3. Tenisha Herbert. One Mile Males: 1. Charlie Sanders, 2.  Amauri Potter & Neylan Maduro, 3. Joey Potgieter. Females: 1. Nae’veya Bruce 2. Ka’Reema Thomas, 3. Kellsie Sampson.

Division Champs: U9 Males: 1. Joey Potgieter 2. M’Khai Richards, 3. Ne’Vaune Alexander. Females: 1. Celine Frett, 2. Naia Stevens, 3. Elizabeth Dougan. U11 Males: 1. Charlie Sanders, 2. Amauri & Neylan Maduro, 3. Caiden Fraser & Xachary Leggette. Females: 1. Nae’veya Bruce 2. Ka’Reema Thomas, 3. Kellsie Sampson. U13 Males: 1. Ty’rique Charles, 2. Mario Carlton, 3. Kamari Christopher & Christian Marks. Females: 1. Tiffany Herbert, 2. Macayla Logan, 3. Isis George. U15 Males: 1. Charlie Potgieter, 2. Jordan Cameron, 3. Paul Hewlette Jr. Females: 1. Taryn Augustine, 2. Shyra Stoutt. U17 Males: 1. Jonathan Lynch, 2. Kaleem Lettsome, 3. Antuwn Maduro. Females:1. Jah’Kylah Morton, 2. Asia McMaster.  3. Shannia Johnson. U20 Males: 1. Jahshani Farrington.  2. Jelani Coral, 3. Wanyae Belle & Mkhori Crabbe. Females: 1. Kailia Martin, 2. Tenisha Herbert, 3. Jordanne Thomas. 20-29 Males: 1. J’Mari Duhaney & Malik John, 2. Jose Banay.  3. Jeremy Pitt. Females: 1. Jayde August. 30-39 Males: 1. Rowan Victor, 2. Jermaine Bryan, 3. Jerry Thomas. Females: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 2. Sabrina Baird-Herbert. 3. Kamilah Freeman. 40-49 Males: 1. Oleg Boyko, 2. Alric Smith, 3. Murray Laing. Females: 1. Elizabeth Buratti. 50-59 Males: 1.  Zebalon McLean. Females: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 2. Laura Dore, 3. Arlene Francis. 60-69 Males: 1. Nicholas Clarke, 2. Elvet Dore. Females: 1. Janet Oliver. 70+ Female: 1. Shirley Liburd. Male: 1. Jim Cullimore. Service Club: 1. Rotary of Tortola (15th consecutive), 2. Rotary of Road Town, 3. Rotaract. Community Partners: 1. Pelican Gate PTA, 2. Digicel, 3. HLSCC. Outstanding Male Service Club: Ryan Geluk (Rotary of Road Town). Outstanding Female Service Club: Khoyisia Stoutt (Rotaract).Outstanding Female Community Partners: Stephanie Brewley (Pelican Gate PTA) & Ella Christopher (Digicel).